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Pancake & Waffle Recipes

Making pancakes and waffles from scratch is almost as easy as making "wallpaper paste" pancakes from a mix, so you might as well eat something that has a little food value. A recipe using 1 cup of flour will make roughly 6 small pancakes, or 3 small round waffles, or 1-1/2 large square waffles. We usually make a big batch of waffles, freeze the extras, and reheat in the toaster for a quick breakfast. They come out of the toaster moister if you drizzle just a bit of water on them before toasting.

Here's the recipe we've been using for a while. It uses more eggs and some rolled oats, for a more balanced meal that sticks to your ribs better.

You can adjust the proportion of flour and rolled oats to taste, or leave out the rolled oats and use all flour, as long as the total makes 1 cup.

This is our original basic recipe:

Instructions for both recipes

Put all ingredients in a bowl, liquids first, and mix thoroughly.

You may have to add more milk or flour to get the batter to the consistency you want. This can vary quite a bit depending on the wheat you're using. For waffles, a fairly thick batter will be less likely to overflow if you overfill your waffle iron.

Waffles: Make sure the waffle iron is fully heated before adding batter. If your waffle iron isn't nonstick, you may have to use a nonstick spray like Pam. After a few uses, the surface should get seasoned and you shouldn't need the spray anymore, or at least not as much. More oil will make crispier waffles, and help prevent sticking.

If you have access to fresh cream, we've found that using cream instead of the milk and oil will make waffles that don't stick even in irons that usually need a nonstick spray.

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